Sysphera for MicroStrategy


Sysphera fully integrates its solution of Corporate Performance Management with the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence platform in a transparent way for users. As a result, this offer provides a superior functional capacity, increasing user productivity through a single interface and sophisticated access via single sign-on.

The Sysphera Solution for MicroStrategy complements and extends the capability of the BI MicroStrategy Platform, providing business users appropriate administration of their Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting & Consolidation processes, allowing the creation of scenarios and simulations, besides the projected performance indicators (KPIs). Accordingly, users of the BI MicroStrategy Platform can quantify and project the impact of their sales, profitability, margins and productivity without needing to work with two different solutions, data transfer or the creation of new and burdensome databases to create reports incorporating both the past and the future.

Proven Alliances

The MicroStrategy and SYSPHERA Integrated solutions are used by dozens of customers in countries around the world.

Understanding the Business

The ability to get a consolidated view of businesses from the standpoint of BI + CPM, allows customers to analyze critical information, considering the performance achieved and the various options for future scenarios and their impacts on the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow in order to find a strong base for the decision making process.


MicroStrategy and Sysphera are committed to providing customers with the best and most powerful integrated solutions of BI and CPM on the market. SYSPHERA is the Global O&M's Partner of MicroStrategy which allows the creation of an extended solution of combined technologies, made available to many countries. This commitment provides an intelligent proposal of value in order to maximize the value of both companies’ products.


Single Sign-On via MicroStrategy
Interface 100% Web and/or Add-on MS-Excel
Native integration and MicroStrategy look and feel
Unified view through MicroStrategy Reports and Dashboards
Centralized repository Forms, Formulas and Business Rules
Powerful workflow for orchestration of tasks and tracking of all processes
Exclusive function of Drill® Formula for finding numbers and support business decisions

MicroStrategy Business Intelligence