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Product Overview

Key features and benefits of Sysphera Solution:

  • Simulates scenarios for validation plans and risk reduction in decision making
  • Optimize resources through modeling and simulations based on restrictions
  • Compare scenarios side by side to evaluate the best alternative
  • Analyzes the impact of financial and operational decisions
  • Integrates with existing enterprise systems by maximizing existing investments in technology
  • Allows the interconnection between the coporate or departmental models
  • Centralizes business rules and calculations in a single database
  • Easy installation, development and maintenance
  • Features advanced security mechanisms
  • Provides an efficient and reliable monitoring of results thereby, thereby it allows the rapid actuation of deviations or changes from strategies


Probably, the spreadsheets are the tools most used by companies (whatever their size) for modeling of your business. Spreadsheets are powerful tools to drive "what-if" scenarios...


There are some clear signs that indicate their methods of financial and operational planning can be severely undermined. Meet some of these signs ...


Sysphera offers a complete management platform focused on the capture and consolidation of financial and operational data of companies on a single platform

The following software solutions are part of the Sysphera Platform:

Sysphera EED
Sysphera Enterprise Management Suite - EED (Electric Energy Distribution) supports companies in planning, budgeting and controlling initiatives according to operational and financial overview at any desired level of detail. This allows the creation of models to project scenarios, analysis of the impacts of changes in the market and operations, regulation changes, identification of the levers of value of the company and monitoring results. Our solution helps in the allocation of resources and in better decision making. With Sysphera Solution, managers have the power to identify the goals, initiatives, level of investment, costs and risks associated evaluating the commitment of resources necessary in order to achieve the desired results. The solution includes models based on the regulation of the brazilian electrical sector for the projection of results. The results are based on market information and price per consumer units, investments, costs, charges, taxes, purchasing power and asset base.

Sysphera FOP
Sysphera Enterprise Management Suite - FOP (Financial and Operational Planning) meets all the demands of corporate planning, budgeting and forecasting, including the reporting and management dashboards and their inherent ability to create scenarios and simulations to tackle the market changes. Through a powerful and distinctive workflow, employees are involved and coordinated at all stages of the process, aligning its activities according to business needs.

Shared features

Features shared for all members of Sysphera solutions:

Sysphera Enterprise Management Suite captures and consolidates the company's financial and operational data on a single platform to facilitate the process of decision making. It propitiates managers to reconcile the financial and operational data in a fast and consistent way. Sysphera was designed to be a complete and versatile solution for modeling in any business segment, it aims to meet any need for evaluation, planning and control of sector companies. Its intuitive interface allows the construction of integrated models in a web environment with security control and auditing. Furthermore, gives users the ability to monitor workflows, reporting, dashboards and a number of analyses of the data.

The integrated models provide managers an ability to analyze the consequences of changes in market, creation of new products and campaigns, prices and costs changes, the impact of macroeconomic variables and all organizational resources on company results. Business, units or departments can be automatically consolidated into a single enterprise view of performance.

Sysphera Enterprise Management Suite includes several features towards Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting initiatives doing the orchestration of the budget process through powerful workflow management features. The solution unifies the results, projections, budgets and performance metrics into a single and scalable web application. With Sysphera the company collects its financial results quickly, consistently and efficiently. This reduces the cycles of financial consolidation, as well as the statutory and regulatory reporting. Data inputs are largely facilitated by copying data directly from MS-Excel spreadsheets, either through the copy and paste functions or through the Sysphera MS-Excel Component.

With Sysphera Enterprise Management Suite financial, regulatory and operational areas can budget and analyze their resources in countless scenarios for a better understanding of the initiatives that will maximize corporate performance. Sysphera improve corporate governance and provides the basis for a collaborative management environment and result-oriented.

Through an intuitive interface, the managers create and test multiple scenarios, do the sensitivity analysis and identify further initiatives aligned with corporate strategic goals. In addition, Sysphera Enterprise Management Suite enables the identification of the best levers of the company's value in a regulated environment. It supports decisions more consistent and timely.

Organizations of all sizes face challenges for the generation and distribution of management reports. The effort made by the control and technology areas is often insufficient to meet the demand for quality information and timely. Sysphera is a solution able to meet this demand and reduce the effort involved. Vital part of management support provided by the solution is to deliver to managers a range of reports and dashboards in Web format.

Sysphera Enterprise Management Suite has a scalable architecture that can be made available for a wide range of users within the organization - reaching thousands of users across the enterprise. Its zero footprint design reduces dependence on expensive workstations and notebooks. Robust security features ensure that appropriate levels of users access will be strengthened by the company and sensitive information available only to users who need them. The Web approach delivers all the functionality of applications for customers through a simple browser and effectively leverages the Internet or an Intranet to expand access to the system.

Sysphera is a large scale solution however can be deployed locally and grow with the changes and customer needs. It is a flexible platform that allows easy and rapid integration with corporate web sites and portals, thus, maximizing existing infrastructure investments.

Many organizations have invested heavily in ERP’s, CRM’s, Data Warehouses, Legacy Systems and others. The data from these applications, MS-Excel spreadsheets and other sources can be captured and quickly transformed, reused, consolidated and reported by Sysphera Enterprise Management Suite.

The solution has a powerful integration technology that allows applications to act as a source or target of data from any ERP/CRM system, Office applications or any database file. As a result, directors, managers and analysts can spend more time with the analysis of information and drastically reduce the time of collection and preparation for analysis. Thus, the company can benefit from making more agile, intelligent and consistent decisions.

All products of the Sysphera platform are sized according to the size of companies, offering substantial savings of money invested in software licenses (sale or lease). In relation to the size of the solution, the following plans are available:


Exclusive Distributor Sysphera FOP
The platform of products developed by Sysphera are delivered to market through an extensive network of Value Added Resellers (VARs) that operate throughout Latin America and Europe.